Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vintage Aqua & Cherries

    I am a bad person and an even worse blogger.  I have abandoned my blog baby for quite some time.  I have been M.I.A., not

 not in MIA (although I wish that were the case),

(If you didn't make it through the video above, I don't blame you)

but regular ole M.I.A. 

Life happens and you know what?  The times, they are a' changin'!

One of the things that I have been busy doing instead of yakkin' yo ear off (you're welcome) is having my picture taken.  These photos are old but they're new to this blog, so whatevs.  

I love working with Kristin, she is super sweet and also pretty good with a camera!  Check out her site!

Kristin + Sarah (Top Knot Studio) + Me


Little umbrellas are funny.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrifting 101

    When people compliment me on what I'm wearing, often times, I like to tell them where I found the item and how much I paid for it, not because it was a lot, but because it was a little.  In response, I hear a lot of "You find the best deals!" "I don't know how you do it!" and "I could never master the art of thrifting!"  For those of you who see thrifting as a challenge, click this link!

     I have written a little article, a guidebook, to help you on your journey, into the land of inexpensive fabulousness!

Vintage Sparkle Bag with Animal Print Handle $2 at Lighthouse Christian Store


Be sure to check out my article and let me know if you have any other tips on thrifting, sharing is caring!

Happy Thrifting!!! 



Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Easiest Giveaway, Ever!!!

    Hello, my friends!  I have teamed up with the wonderful Maria of Maria Vallejo Photography, and she is hosting an amazing giveaway!  Not only is the prize amazing, but the requirement to enter the giveaway is incredibly effortless!

Here's what one lucky person will win:

A BEAUTIFUL necklace from Dahlia (I want this!), but that's not all!  One lucky winner will be the recipient of this lovely statement piece AND a FREE photo shoot with an 8x10 print (I want this too!), valued at over $240!

    Now, here comes the easy part, all you have to do is like 

her Facebook page, crazy, I know!  A simple click, and you're 

entered to win!  Who could resist!?  When she reaches 

400 fans on Facebook, the winner will be selected!  

Here are some examples of her fabulous work:

What are you waiting for?  Get clicking!!!!!  Like 

her Facebook page and I hope you win the beautiful 

necklace and wonderful photo shoot prize pack!

Maria is a natural light photographer specializing in children, 

families, teens, maternity and fashion in the Gainesville area.  

Feel free to contact her on Facebook, for more info!

Good lucky everyone!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Harlequin Romance Novel

    Here are some photos from my latest shoot.  Shot in Paynes Prairie, this was a lighting workshop for the group, Gainesville Photographers, which turned out to be the windiest day of our lives!

Photo By: Kristin Kozelsky (check out her blog!)

See, I'm not lying!  Poor Kirill had my hair blowing in his face all day! 

 If you look carefully at the photo below, you will see that I cried one single tear, not out of sadness, not because I am a great actress (ha!), but because of the hurricane force winds!!!!!

 Photo by Driftwood Images

Male Model: Kirill, a real sweetiepoo!  If you need a male model, check out his Model Mayhem Account.  He is great to work with, and a pretty cool cat in general! 

Photo By:  Dzung Nguyen

One of the photographers, Rodney Rogers, described some of these photos as possible covers for a Harlequin Romance Novel. :)

Photo By: Daniel Bray

Kirill is 6"4, so he had to do quite a bit of slouching not to tower over me.  

 Photo By: Moishe Groger

I think this one looks like the beginning of a scary movie, but I'm weird, what do you think?

Photo By: I am a bad person and do not know who took this photo, I honestly looked for quite some time but came up with nothing, if you took this, please let me know and I will give you credit! :)

 If the Madonna "Ray of Light" song wasn't so annoying, I would insert it here.


Photo By: Moishe Groger

The mystery one above is probably his as well, see the similarities, huh, huh?!



Friday, March 9, 2012

My Fashion Parkway Interview with Viscosity Vintage

     I am an avid Refinery29 reader, if you have not checked them out, then you should change that by clicking this link!. A few months ago, I discovered that they opened an office in Miami.  I was overjoyed and of course subscribed to the mailing list.  Not long after subscribing, I read this post and discovered the fabalas Shay Marie of Fasion Parkway.    I noticed that she was looking for writers, and my heart leaped for joy.  Shay and I began talking (she is so sweet!), I applied, and the rest is recent history.
    Here is the link to my first post for the site, an interview with Viscosity Vintage, an online boutique that you should definitely check out!  You might even see me on the site, modeling their fab wares.  Look for me, think of it as a fun rendition of Where's Waldo, it's fun because clothes are involved!  Here a couple to get you started.  All items worn below are for sale. ;)


    Make sure you check out my interview and go shopping, you don't even have to leave your computer, ah technology!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Simply Rockin' Giveaway Winner

    Hey Guys and Gals, check out my Look of the Day for INsite Magazine's Blog!  

 Simply Rockin'

Visit INsite Magazine's Blog!

    JD Bray was spotted at The Top, looking both trendy and chic! JD’s day started with dressing for work at Aldo Shoes, where he’s the Assistant Manager. The store was having a rock ‘n’ roll inspired theme. He wore khakis with a denim shirt, leather boots from Aldo (the Tyra, his favorite), a bomber jacket and statement glasses. His look was simple, but pristine and sophisticated enough to transition into night— the signature of all great outfits. JD likes to describe his personal style as “casual chic.”
    “I like to feel comfortable in my clothes, but comfortable doesn’t always have to mean unfashionable. I mix a lot of skinny jeans with cap toe dress shoes to dress up a look. Now that it’s colder I find any excuse I can to wear a pair of military/combat boots,” he told us. JD describes his taste as being “all over the place.”  He likes to shop at Forever 21 and H&M, but he let us in on a little secret: Sandy’s and Urban Thread are great places to find statement shirts. His look certainly made enough of a statement to grab our attention.

And now, the WINNER of



ARIELLE!!!!!!!!!!  I hope you had fun doing the Electric Slide!!!!!

Until then, get at me! @Miss_Priss_101