Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Designer Interview - Wimick!!!!!

    A few months ago, my modeling agency contacted me about a casting for a Runway Show, naturally I was excited.  Saying that I love everything fashion-related is an understatement, but the chance to see someone's line, something they created from scratch, their art, for me, is like watching a baby being born.  It's a beautiful thing.  

    From the moment I met Whitney, and throughout every communication we've had, she has been the absolute sweetest, and you can see the reflection of her adorable personality in her line.  She and her garments are purely inspirational. 

1)  What is your Brand name & where did it come from? "Wimick, and it’s my initials pronounced out. W.M.K."

Photos By:  EmC Photography 

The Designer amongst fabulous shoes!!!

2) What made you decide to design clothes? "Growing up I was raised by a single dad, when my dad had to work my grandma would watch my brother and me. With my grandmother being an artist in all sorts of fields I spent my summer days painting, doing all sorts of 'artsy crafty' things, but, the one thing that I enjoyed the most was sewing. Sewing and fashion is all I know, I don’t know anything else. Sewing and what it has to offer with the fashion world is “It” for me. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life!" 

This dress is a-mazing Well, all of her pieces are amazing!  The vibrant solids and patterns plus the flattering, fun silhouettes created a flirty, carefree theme of "girls just wanna have fun"!  Each model either carried balloons or blew bubbles, which only added to the wonderment of it all!

3) What is your inspiration?  "Color, flowers, people, and my family." 

Photos By:  EmC Photography 

 Here I am, having so much fun, I can barely contain myself!  The clothes and atmosphere just made me want to have a super girlie birthday party with tea-cups, fancy desserts, and bunnies.

Photo By:  EmC Photography 

The back of my dress = Bow Magic!!!!

4) Is there a particular message that you want your designs to convey?  "I love old fashioned things.  Growing up with my grandmother I was surrounded by vintage things and I grew to love the old vintage look, espescially the 1960/70s mod exaggerated prints with, of course, a modern-day twist. I love floral, I love color, I love mix matching and playing with different fabric and patterns, so I think my message I want my clothes to convey is probably simply girlyness, feeling beautiful, girly, and corky without the sexy look of the clothes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love some sexy clothes but, I want my vision to be 'old' with a 'new' attitude."

Photo By:  EmC Photography 

Behind the Scenes:  This ensemble is simply divine:  the color-blocking, the floral print, the bow top!!!!  Oh my goodness, so cute!!!  

5) What can we look forward to from you (i.e., events, collections, social media, etc)?  "Right now, currently, I’m working on an exclusive piece for this amazing, talented artist that’s in the band Lighthouse Music originating from St. Augustine, Florida, – Amy Douglas. I’m going to be doing a spread on her (photo shoot, blog, etc.) of course wearing Wimick. I’m really excited to be working on that right now."

Photo By:  EmC Photography 

 The hair and makeup only encouraged the theme of cuteness, as did two models that are twins, double the fun!!

6) What are you goals (immediate or long term)?  "To keep sewing, promoting, sewing, sewing, sewing, doing more fashion shows, possibly starting to sell some of these clothes that I’m forever making, haha. I’ll be done with my business degree in Business Management by next fall after taking a year off to focus on “Wimick” I’ll be transferring to fashion school in New York to pursue fashion design in a year or so. My all-time goal is just to be married, have a family, be successful in running a boutique called Wimick. No fame, just successful and happy." 

Photo By:  EmC Photography 
Designer and Models

7) Other than your own line, who are some of your favorite designers and why?  "Growing up my favorite designer was actually Heatherette because of their bold, colorful, exaggerated, out there, take-risks clothes. I love them!"

Photo By:  EmC Photography 

Behind the Scenes:  More bows and color-blocking = woohoo!

8)  What are some of your favorite trends? "Definitely the 1960s/70s trend! Oh, and the color block, let’s not forget the color block! I LOVE THE COLOR BLOCK. Or anything with that extra pop of color. ☺"      
Photo By:  EmC Photography 
Backstage:  The smiling double-bow!!!!!        9) How would you define fashion?  "Hmmmmm, that is tough. I don’t think anyone could define fashion except for pulling it from the dictionary, haha. Fashion is just a way of life!"        
Photo By:  EmC Photography 

Whitney, being adorable as usual!!!   
10) How would you describe your personal style?  "CORKY and GRANDMA for sure! Haha"  
Music from the Show!!!!! 
(click each title for a little listen)

I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross

Girls Just Want To Have Fun -Cyndi Lauper

You Can't Hurry Love - The Supremes



rls Just Want To Have Fun

ls Just Want To Have Fun


Monday, December 12, 2011

Miss Priss Hits Newsstands

    I have recently had the extreme pleasure of acquiring my very own fashion column, in a real, live newspaper!  I know, I can hardly believe it myself!!  This was made possible by the great, Misty.

    If you want to know how to dress for a holiday party and still have money left in your purse, clicky-click!!!!!

If you like me at all, or if you don't, click here!!!!!  If you are bored CLICK THIS ONE!!!!

    If you did not read my article, please re-read the paragraph above!!!  
I love you guys! 

    If you are mean, or don't know how to read, here are some pictures from the article, for you:

   And now, what you've all been waiting for!!!!! The winner of the giveaway!!!!  Now, don't worry if you have not won yet.  Another giveaway is on the way because I've won something else (I should play the lottery)!!!  The winner of this beautiful necklace 


Lots of Love!