Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Stuff For Me = Free Stuff For You

    If you told me a year ago that it was possible to get all kinds of fab goodies for free, I probably would have given you the crazy eye and said "Yah, right!"  But since December (if you can count you would know that 11 months), I have won all kinds of craziness!  You say you don't believe me, huh?  I will show you!  


    The first win, the beginning of happiness, these babies told me that dreams really do come true, girls!  These are from  Calzatura and the only thing I had to do was make a Christmas Wish List!  Retail value:  $70, but for me FREE.  I am actually wearing them today!  Wahoo!  


    The second win was a $50 gift card to Coal & Terry Vintage brought to me by The Haute PursuitAll I had to do was like them on facebook and subscribe to their email list.  A few clicks, bada bing, bada boom!  With my gift card, I chose the "Pick Me Up At Eight" dress, and the "Studded Batwing!"  Love the names!!! These items = FREE to me


    The third win was this lovely set of Sigma makeup brushes!!!  Retail Value:  $48, but FREE to me!!!  All I had to do for these lovelies was let In Their Closet  know what makeup item I wouldn't want to be stranded on a desert island without, guess what I said!  Are you dying to know!?  An eyelash curler, impressive, huh!? 

    The fourth win was a $100 gift card to ModCloth, which I won on Fashiolista, just for clicking the "like button,"  sounds like a good deal to me.  With my gift card, I decided to buy these very lovely "Cruise to Cape Cod"  Jeffrey Campbell Shoes!!!!! = FREE to me!!!!

    And now, as I have started my blog and received the newest of the wins in the mail, I have decided that everyone should be a winnerSo, from now on, whenever I win, you, my dear reader, shall have a chance to win too Keep reading!  

    The newest of wins:  I received this fab Stylecaster "Style To The People" bag with some sweet Sebastian products just for sending them a picture of my hairdo, pretty good deal, huh! FREE to me!


And now for our featured presentation:  A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!  One lucky reader will win this ring!!!!!

    Pretty cute, huh!?!?  I bought this baby before it donned on me that it's better to give than receive, and also, I need another ring, like I need a hole in the head!  

So!!!  All you have to do is

1) follow this blog via google reader!!! For those who are blogly challenged, look to the right of your screen, where it says "Followers,"  click on "Join this site."  If you already have google reader, you will probably then click the "follow" button and then the "done" button.  Your name should then be visable below.  If you are new to google reader, click "Join this site," and then follow the directions.

2)  follow me on twitter !!!  Why would you want to do such a thing, you might say?  Well, I post a ton of giveaways on twitter, so if you don't feel like hunting them down, follow my twitter and I will do all the work for you!!!  Sounds like a good deal to me!!!!

3)  leave a comment below telling me you followed the directions and leave your twitter handle if it is under a different name than your Google Reader Account.  Remember folks, I'm a shopaholic, not a detective!

There you have it, it's as easy as 1-2-3!!!!!!  One lucky winner will win the Elegant Elephant Ring!!!  Hoody  Hoo!!!!! 

Entries will no longer be accepted past midnight on November 8th!

Good luck!!!!

And P.S.  I have won yet another giveaway, so that means that you will have a chance to win too.....stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthdays are Great Excuses to Shop

    So after seeing this mess you and I both know that I do not need anything.  My own mother had the nerve to say I shouldn't go shopping ......for six months!  Six months!!  Am I being punished!?!?!  The thought of not shopping makes me feel all nervous and anxious, like "But, what will I wear!?!?"  Maybe I should see a they have shrinks in the Mall?

Speaking of the mall, did you know you can get free stuff on your birthday from Sephora?!  You know I like free stuff! Last week was my Birthday!!!  Yay to me, and what better excuse reason is there to shop?!

And this was my free gift from Sephora

Big thanks to Janelle for the cute card and gift-certificate.  More shopping to come, people!!!

A week before my birthday, my friend Laura's sweet Nanny told me about a local store that I had not been to since they switched locations.  I went and oh my goodness, I felt like I had died and gone to Vintage Heaven!!  Oh, it's a place, alright!  While I was shopping for necessities myself, I came across this beautiful necklace that I purchased as a gift for a dear, dear friend.  See, shopping can be fun even if it's for others! 

While strolling through Vintage Heaven I came along this little beauty

 Oh, but note the detailing!!!  Embroidery! Peacocks!! And they're in love!!!  If this doesn't scream my name, I don't know what does!!!

 Can you feel the love, can you feel it!?

 Oh, but wait!!!  There's more!!! This little beauty came with a matching coat-thingy!!!  Double-trouble!!!

Sassy wrist detail, good for making various hand-gestures in style.


Total Cost for 2 pieces:  Reduced to $18 because of a minor imperfection, which actually worked out because I ended up burning a hole in the dress part with an iron.....woops!

And of course, we need accessories!!!! 


Girly Girl Rings:  Purchased from Rainbow for $3 each for a total of $6!!!  What a steal!!

Shoes:  Gifted from Boyfren Ooh la la $0

Banana Bag:  Thrifted from Absolutely Fabulous $10

Total Cost: $34 I win!!!!
And remember, makeup is an accessory too!!! 

Every Birthday Girl needs pink lipstick!!!!

And yellow eye shadow!!!  They don't call me "Matchy McMatcherson" for nothing! 

And here I am, being the peacock

Peacocks are very serious, in case you didn't know.

And as the boyfren and I walk off into the night, I thank everyone who made my birthday as special as it was, I am a very lucky girl who has a lot to be thankful for.

And I am thankful for you dear reader, have a virtual cupcake (0 cals!)!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Get out your Scissors Girls, it's a DIY!

Do you have a plain little black dress (or any dress) that bores you?  Ew, Yuck!! (that one's for Meghan!)
Are you sick of it?
Are you ready to send that baby to Goodwill?

If you answered "YES!" to any of the previous questions, then hold on my friends, help is on the way!!

All you need is your boring dress, a marker, some scissors, a round object, and a good attitude!!!

Once you have gathered your items, turn your dress in side out, fold it in half, like so, and put your round object on it, like so:

Note:  In case it hasn't hit you yet, there will be two holes in your dress, so don't freak out.

Double Note:  I was the guinea pig for this experiment, so you my dear sweetiepies, will want to move your round object up towards the top of your dress a lil bit more than I did.   

And remember, if you are using cotton and like me didn't learn your lesson from this DIY, cotton is going to sag.  I know, it's a cruel, cruel world.  So, I would recommend you use a smaller round object than I used. 

Round Object:  Talk about multipurpose!

Pick up your marker.  Take off the cap.  Draw around the half of the object that is on the dress.  Do not draw on the table, or whatever is under your dress (this is bad).  

Remove the round object.  Pick up your handy-dandy scissors, cut on your markered line.  Wave your magic wand, and BAM!  There you have it!  

Note:  If you are a fancy bird, you may hem around the edges of your cut-outs.  If you are like me, and are in a hurry with nothing to wear (ya right, have you seen this mess?), who cares, be lazy, say you're going for that deconstructed look!!!  People are like lemmings, they will believe you.  Plus, if someone gets close enough to inspect your creation, MACE THEM!!!  That is your personal space!!!

My Mannequin Friend liked it so much, she begged me to wear it.  I apologize for the ill-lighting but hey nobody's perfect, not even me!  Shocking, I know!  

Doesn't she look stunning.  

Dress:  I already bought it, wore it to death, hated it, was going to get rid of it, so I am counting this new creation as $0.  If you have a problem with that, you need to lighten up.

Belt:  Handed-down from my sister-in-law.  It was too big for me and my Mannequin but no sweat, just wear it like that and bam, it works. $0

Necklace:  Someone gave this to my old Boss who didn't want it and gave it to me.  I will take anything.  If you have anything you don't want, let me know!  $0

Watch Magic:  The watch was a gift from my dad, he's a real sweetiepoo $0.

Lacy Thing:  For more info consult this link $2.50

Here's another view for all the fans of the lace thing.

Any Mannequin's look is not complete without knees socks, for more info clicky-clicky 

Knee Socks:  $0

Now, I know what you're thinking, this dress still looks boring, but wait

The front of your dress may say Meh, but the side says, YEH!!  I had to remove my Mannequin's arm for this shot, she cried.  I hope you all appreciate it, I did it for you!!!  After all, it's not my fault she only has two arm settings: on and off.

If you feel like your sides need a lil more than a belt to separate them from the world, oh I've got a solution for you!

Or you can wear a something else under it, whatever, I don't care.  
Lace Leotard:  Forever 21 $12

 Here's a closer view for those like me with bad vision.

Total Cost of Look 1 leotard-less $2.50
Total Cost of Look 2 leorard-more $14.50

And there we have it ladies, take your dresses from meh to YEH!!!!

If you think I talk too much and can only handle hearing from me in 140 characters or less, follow me on Twitter!  "Cheep Cheep!" Or should I say, "Cheap Cheap!"


Friday, October 7, 2011

Miss Priss does Home Decor

on the cheap!!!!  Would you expect any less, come on, really?!

    Miss Priss comes from a family of creative characters, it's true, honest!  One of my lovely cousins can pretty much make anything (I'm jealous, tear).  Years ago, in a world far, far away (not really, it was the same world as this one, this is not an episode of Star Wars, duh), he made a magnificent table, I mean it was the best table I have ever seen!  He made it out of two old windows, and the legs were once fence-posts (can we say "go green!").  It had hinges, so you could open and close the top, and since it was made out of windows, it was a pretty fab see-through box.  You could house your most prized possessions  for all to see, diamonds, rubies, sales receipts.  This same sweet cousin made a similar table for me.  He is way up there on my list of favorite people!  And now, I bring to you, MY TABLE... 

 I know, right!!! This one is also made out of two windows, so each panel is clear glass.

 And now, FOR YOUR FEATURE PRESENTATION (oh yah, that was just a preview, stay with me!), I will show you how to decorate the table of your dreams on the cheap, cuz I'm not made of money, hunny.

Sassy little walking picture:  I was given the frame, and cut the picture out of a magazine.  For more info about how this came about clicky click.  The bow fell off of my dog's bath-robe.  If you want to hear about that story, you should message me, because I'm sure not everyone cares.  Can I get an "Amen!?" 

Total Cost: Hand me down frame, re-used magazine, bow from my dog's bath robe = $0 WAHOO 

Pretty Lady Picture:  Cut out of a magazine, frame from the dolla store!!! 
Total Cost:  $1 holla! 

"What a Pig!!!" Piggy Bank: Old Navy, look near the registers, that's where they keep all the cheap stuff goodies. 

Total Cost:  $2 

Vintage Sunbather:  And isn't she just lovely, purchased from Jill's Shabby Chic 

Total Cost:  $1, am I on a roll, or what!? 

Perfume:  I scored this little baby from a friend in her pre-yard-sale-free-section!!  In case you missed that, it was free, which = $0

Candle Duo:  Because you're a shopaholic and you never know when they might turn off your power, just kidding, not really. But, hey, keep shopping with me and you won't even need candles anymore, I mean, yes you do, they're decorations!!  These came from a moving-sale's free section, I love me some free!  

Vintage hat, need I say more?!  $12 from Loop De Loop  

Another view for all you hat lovers out there, put your hands up and wave em around like you just don't care!!!  Do it!!! No one will see you!!! 

This Little Ditty:  

Tray purchased at Jill's Shabby Chic from the $1 buggy, I wish every store had a $1 buggy!!! 

Dead Flowers:  They were once alive, my very nice boyfriend gave them to me (insert "awe" here), and I just loved them so much, that I could not let go.  Now they live on, as home decor. = FREE 

The bullets, oh the bullets!!!  These are my fav.   I am not a hunter, gangster, or police officer, however, I have a cousin.  Told ya, I have a cool family!  If you marry one of my relatives, we can be related!!!  Think about it!!
I decided a while ago that I want to do a DIY project that involves these bullet ugh, shells, casings, um, whatever they're called, and one of my cousins happens to have lots of guns and shoots them regularly, so I inherited these little beauties.  Until I have time to do the DIY, the bullets will live here, on my lovely table. = FREE!!! 
Are you a hunter, a gangster, a police officer?  Do you know someone who is??  Ask them for your bullet thingys, you won't be sorry.
otal Cost:  $1 = Winning, my friends

Vintage Phone:  Purchased from Jill's Shabby Chic $5
Because we need to be reminded of what phones used to look like.  It's history.  Embrace it!!!

And last but certainly not least, a night-light:  Because you never know when someone might be afraid of the dark!!  Pier 1 Imports $5 on sale!!!

Total Total Cost: $26

And there we have it, folks, that's all for today.  If you think I'm too dorky and would rather just look at the picture I post, you can follow me on tumblr. ;) 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hallelujah, a DIY!

Do you have a plain ole' shirt?  I know, ew yuck!

Well, I had one too, until I grabbed some scissors and cut loose (get it, hahahaha). 

Gifted from my boyfren, he's so nice! $0

Step 1:  Cut the desired portion out of your shirt, because too much fabric is yuck.  Keep in mind that if your shirt is cotton like the one pictured above, it is going to sag, so be prepared or you might end up playing "how low can you go."

If you are a hussy like my Mannequin, you can wear this as a dress, just saying. ;)

Step 2: Work with what you've got.  This shirt was from Forever 21, so I cut out the "Forever" part and made a dandy little bracelet $0

 Does your tag not say anything cool?  Okay!  Just tie a piece of the leftover fabric into a bow, and bam, you have a bracelet too! $0

Be bored no more, friends, cut up your clothes!!!