Friday, September 23, 2011

What does Miss Priss do when she's not shopping for Clothes?

She shops for home decor!!!!!!

And on the cheap (shocking, I know)!!  Keep reading, I will show you how:

You or someone you know may have a blank, white wall.  There are no blank, white walls in the home of Miss Priss, no sirree!!! 

Exhibit A:  Imagine a blank, white wall.  I don't actually have one to take a picture of for you, put your thinking caps on people!!

Exhibit B:   I found this little ditty at the good ole' Salvation Army, for the low-low price of $0.99.  In the words of my father, "You can't beat that with a stick!"  Actually you could beat this mirror with a stick, but please don't, you will probably break it, and that's just mean.  I don't know who painted this (probably for some arts and crafts project), but I thank them for it.  The pink and yellow say "Betsey Johnson" to me!

Exhibit C:  This is something fancy that one of my fancy art friends made and sold in her "I'm moving sale," for less than a dolla!  Holla!  Do you have any fancy art friends?  They will probably want to get rid of their stuff at some point and ya just gotta be there to take it off their hands!  If you don't have any fancy art friends, you're cool, I'm sure you could make some, they're probably hanging out at your local coffee shop (just a tip), or if you already have enough friends, drive around and look for a yard sale...the kicker, you have to get up before's terrible...I know.

Exhibit D:   I'm telling you people, it pays to be nice.  One of my lovely gal pals who I met here in the good ole' U.S. of A. had to move back to France.  I begged her not to, but there are things we can't control like work permits (blah).  She couldn't take everything with her and declared some things not to be necessities (as if), so I inherited some lovely picture frames like the one above.  I went home and cut up a Vogue Magazine to transform this little baby into something....fabtastic!!!!  Total cost for this sucker $0, I don't count purchasing the Vogue because it was old, I count that as recycling, +1 point for me.

Exhibit E:   See Exhibit C, same info peoples, so add another $1.

Exhibit F:   The final product, and that my friends is how you turn a boring white wall into something very Prissy for around $3!!!!

Until then my friends,

Happy Decorating!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miss Priss vs. The Closet

This is how the incident/accident went down:  I hung up some clothes, normal right, well here's the kicker, not only was I hanging clothes on the actual clothes holder/bar thingy, I was hanging clothes on other hangers (my room = clothes upon clothes, upon clothes. Really, it looks like my closet threw up all over my entire apartment), I left the room for some time, and heard a loud sound.  I thought, "hmm, whatever could that be," (imagine shocked face) and then saw my poor, little dog, Benjamin, running to me like something was after him.  Something was after him!  It was the clothes!  The clothes were after him!  This is what my little, sweet baby looks like when the clothes are not after him

Awe, sooo cute, I know (proud Mama)!  

Yes, the giant mess was caused from my extreme state of shopaholism.  Yes, it was all my fault.  Yes, I acted like this must be some freak accident and wondered why this happened to me.  Like any person coping with an addiction would did I do?  I ignored it!  Ha!  Ignored it!  I even did a little "ha, i am ignoring you" dance (it's a good one, you should try it, don't be uptight)!  

However, about a week later came packing-time, and I could no longer ignore the giant pile of clothes on my floor.  So to see what I was actually working with and to complete my task of packing, I separated the big pile into smaller piles.  Ultimately my closet was fixed, thank you handy man!  And I hung up only the things that I had hanging on the actual doors of my main closet and the items I had piled on the doors of my non-broken winter wear/shoe closet.  I thought there were only a few things, but I guess I am pretty good at space utilization (putting that on my resume!),  because WABAM, this is what it looked like!!!

And all of this is still left downstairs, piles on piles.

You are personally invited to join me on this journey as I cope with the everyday antics of shopaholism.  What you can expect to see:  

DIY - I shall, like a magician, turn my stuff, into other stuff (snazzy I know)

Shopping - For you (not me silly I'm reformed, remember), I gotta do something about this mess

Personal Style - Let me show you how I combine my stuff with my other stuff (you just might like it, that is, if you're cool!)

Inspiration - What really gets me

Shopping - DUH, I lied about the being reformed part (Rule #1 Never trust a shopaholic)

Until then my friends, and foes perhaps, I do not know who is reading this,

Happy Shopping!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I Shopped Until My Closet Dropped

This blog is my diary, the wardrobe chronicles of a fashion addict.  Have I shopped too much?  Did I break my closet?  Am I drowning in clothes?  The answers to these questions might be YES but do I need shopping rehab, I am going with "NO."