Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Won $1,100 worth of Clothes = a Giveaway for you!

    As shopaholics, we feed our addiction, and it gets expensive, but there's a loophole my friends, GIVEAWAYS!  Giveaways are a clever marketing tool that people use to gain exposure, but who cares why they do it?  It's free stuff, people!!  Check out all of the fabness I've won in less than a year!!  Yes, less than a year, I barely believe it myself.  Because I am so thankful, and because I love you so much, I have decided to host a giveaway for my readers every time I win something.  Talk about a win-win!!!

    Recently, I won this lovely Shadow Cloak from Samantha Pleet and Refinery29.  It's retail value is $598.00 and is currently sold out.  All I had to do was "like" them on facebook and then tell them how I would style it.  I said I would add a cluster of brooches, some elbow-high leather gloves, matching knee-high boots, and some sassy tights, and bada-bing, bada-boom, it was that easy, I won!

Cluster o' Brooches:  When you can't wear a necklace, wear a brooch, or three, or however many you want, it's a free country! 

    Imagine my happiness when my package arrived!  Now, multiply that by 102!!  When I opened the box, not only was the cloak of my dreams inside, but a dress as well, the enchantment dress!!  I was so excited, I thought I was going to have to run laps around the building!!!  How amazingly adorable is this dress?!  Retail value: $455.00, but they just threw it in the box like it ain't no thang!

How sweet is that?

    So, to be sweet back, I wanna give away this vintage collar necklace.  Being the shopaholic that I am, I bought this months ago but still haven't worn it.  I think it should go to a new home where it will be worn and can shine like the star it was meant to be.


To enter, you only need to complete one step, but the more steps you follow, the more times you will be entered.

1)  Follow with Google Friend Connect.

2)  Follow me on Twitter.  I always tweet about the giveaways I enter, so this will be a good cheat sheet for you.

3)  Tweet about the Giveaway!

4) Leave a comment telling me what you did, so you can be entered the appropriate amount of times.

The giveaway ends December 3rd, at midnight.



  1. Great design of necklace. I follow you on GFC and Twitter :)

  2. I LOVE this necklace!! I follow you on your blog!

  3. I tweeted this: MacKensieG MacKensie Gibson
    Check out this awesome giveaway on Miss Priss 101:

  4. I've been reading your blog for a while now and it's freaking amazing!!


  5. Oh you are lucky. You have won so many giveaways. I am not so lucky. But I entered yours anyway by following you on GFC. Hope you can visit me too.

  6. Thanks for entering my giveaway. Following you on twitter too.

  7. I tweeted you, have been following you since day one both on Google and Twitter! GETATME!

  8. Ive done all three. You've gotten me addicted to giveaways :)

  9. Awesome giveaway. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch, I love finding new blogs! xoxo

  10. Gorgeous items, You are so generous. Thanks for sharing and visit my blog sometimes ;)

  11. What a great giveaway! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog :) I like yours!

  12. Hi girl. What a lovely blog you've got, really inspiring. I really like the necklace. I'm now going to follow you right away - I don't have Twitter, so I can't follow you there, unfortunately. Please go take a look at my blog, maybe we could follow each other?

    Sofie from Denmark.

  13. Hey pretty lady!
    I *finally* figured out how to follow you on GFC (took me forever, law school is sucking the intelligence out of me!)
    This is just adorable and amazing; you are an absolute inspiration and fantastic at what you do!

  14. oh yea.. and since I'm following you, sign me UP for free giveaways! I wore my necklace the other day, and I got SO MANY complements... who knew it could make a plain shirt look so much better?

  15. You lucky fasionista you!!! That cloak is Amaaaaaazing... just like you and your blog! Look foward to each post :-) Thanks for sharing your uniquely thought out tips and tricks with the world. You really do it all girl... and with such style!

  16. Posted on Facebook & Twitter! I'm already your google friend!!

  17. ooh la la the collar necklace is my fav


  18. WOW well done you!!! the coat looks stunning on you! i can't believe you aren't going to keep it!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  19. Madame, I just found your blog. I think it is really, really great! I follow you. I would be thrilled if you would visit me soon.

    Bisou from Vienna