Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resolve to Beat the Chill, in Fashion, & on a Dime

           Hello, my friends!  Whether we like it or not, the New Year is upon us and this means lots of self-reflection, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you embrace it.  If 2011 wasn't your favorite, don't worry, 2012 brings a new day (well, 365 new days) and new possibilities.  Making goals for yourself is always a positive thing to do.  Whether you resolve to stop hoarding clothes, to cease placing small children in trash cans, or if you aim to be the next President of the United States, go for it, race fans!  If one door closes, walk around the building.  Have you ever seen a building with only one door?

    If this year you aim to save money, and you feel the cool chill of the winter air, then I have a little ditty for you.  In my column, I wrote about coats, coats, coats on the cheap!  I wrote about how you can snazz 'em up, so that they will never let you down.  Keep warm and fabulous, my friends!  Warm!  And!  Fabulous!

    If you are a nice person, or a book worm like me, I'm sure you clicked the link above and it changed your life.  If not, then maybe you should a) click it this time, come on people!  What else do you have to do, homework?  Barf! OR b) read it again, maybe you weren't applying yourself that time?! Hmm.

    If you think I need to calm down, then okay, I get your point.  Please enjoy the nice photos below and make up whatever story you wish.  Maybe it will be about a prince and a princess, maybe it won't. Heck, I don't know what goes on in your head!

Da di da!!!!!

Di da, da di da!

Whataya know?  It's the brooch cluster, making it's way all the way back from here!

Ooh la la, tell me more, tell me more, faux fur!

And that's all folks, until then, I love ya, and I'm sure if we were having this conversation via real life, I would give ya a big, fat hug, because that's the kinda gal I am! Muah!

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