Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't Know What to Wear on Valentine's Day? Want to save Money and then Spend it on your Hunny?

''    Valentine's Day is right around the ole corner, and this may leave you feeling a little less than lovely.  A holiday to celebrate love should not bring stress, but let's face it, it can.  Are you unsure about what to wear?  Do you want to look festive but not like a greeting card?  Would you rather save money on your outfit and spend it on a fancy pepper-grinder for your sweetie-pie? That's right, my boyfriend wants a pepper-grinder, we're romantic like that!
     Well, you are in luck folks, because I just wrote about these serious issues and more in my Column, Budgeted Trends!  "Love Others, Love Yourself, Love Your Outfit," just click the link to check it out If you like to spend lots of money on your outfits, you already know what you're going to wear, and you don't need any help from the likes 'a me, you can just look at these pictures (good luck figuring out what the potato has to do with anything).

 "I am not a greeting card!"

"I am a gift!"

"I am a heart-shaped potato, hear me roar, or sizzle, whatever." 

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 You can win the ingredients to make FANCY HANDS!  What kinda party pooper doesn't want FANCY HANDS?!?!

What you shall win:

I tried them out to make sure everything was okay.

In both colors, of course!

And fancy hands aren't complete without some ring bling!

Good Luck Lovies!


  1. Love your ideas! Love the blue denim nailpolish!!!

    We follow you!

    Hope you visit too!

  2. love the dress ideas and the nail polishes are so pretty!

    Hope all is well my dear, have a great weekend!

  3. Really lovely finds! Hope you had a lovely day!!

  4. Wonderful blog, following back!