Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hallelujah, a DIY!

Do you have a plain ole' shirt?  I know, ew yuck!

Well, I had one too, until I grabbed some scissors and cut loose (get it, hahahaha). 

Gifted from my boyfren, he's so nice! $0

Step 1:  Cut the desired portion out of your shirt, because too much fabric is yuck.  Keep in mind that if your shirt is cotton like the one pictured above, it is going to sag, so be prepared or you might end up playing "how low can you go."

If you are a hussy like my Mannequin, you can wear this as a dress, just saying. ;)

Step 2: Work with what you've got.  This shirt was from Forever 21, so I cut out the "Forever" part and made a dandy little bracelet $0

 Does your tag not say anything cool?  Okay!  Just tie a piece of the leftover fabric into a bow, and bam, you have a bracelet too! $0

Be bored no more, friends, cut up your clothes!!!


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