Friday, October 14, 2011

Get out your Scissors Girls, it's a DIY!

Do you have a plain little black dress (or any dress) that bores you?  Ew, Yuck!! (that one's for Meghan!)
Are you sick of it?
Are you ready to send that baby to Goodwill?

If you answered "YES!" to any of the previous questions, then hold on my friends, help is on the way!!

All you need is your boring dress, a marker, some scissors, a round object, and a good attitude!!!

Once you have gathered your items, turn your dress in side out, fold it in half, like so, and put your round object on it, like so:

Note:  In case it hasn't hit you yet, there will be two holes in your dress, so don't freak out.

Double Note:  I was the guinea pig for this experiment, so you my dear sweetiepies, will want to move your round object up towards the top of your dress a lil bit more than I did.   

And remember, if you are using cotton and like me didn't learn your lesson from this DIY, cotton is going to sag.  I know, it's a cruel, cruel world.  So, I would recommend you use a smaller round object than I used. 

Round Object:  Talk about multipurpose!

Pick up your marker.  Take off the cap.  Draw around the half of the object that is on the dress.  Do not draw on the table, or whatever is under your dress (this is bad).  

Remove the round object.  Pick up your handy-dandy scissors, cut on your markered line.  Wave your magic wand, and BAM!  There you have it!  

Note:  If you are a fancy bird, you may hem around the edges of your cut-outs.  If you are like me, and are in a hurry with nothing to wear (ya right, have you seen this mess?), who cares, be lazy, say you're going for that deconstructed look!!!  People are like lemmings, they will believe you.  Plus, if someone gets close enough to inspect your creation, MACE THEM!!!  That is your personal space!!!

My Mannequin Friend liked it so much, she begged me to wear it.  I apologize for the ill-lighting but hey nobody's perfect, not even me!  Shocking, I know!  

Doesn't she look stunning.  

Dress:  I already bought it, wore it to death, hated it, was going to get rid of it, so I am counting this new creation as $0.  If you have a problem with that, you need to lighten up.

Belt:  Handed-down from my sister-in-law.  It was too big for me and my Mannequin but no sweat, just wear it like that and bam, it works. $0

Necklace:  Someone gave this to my old Boss who didn't want it and gave it to me.  I will take anything.  If you have anything you don't want, let me know!  $0

Watch Magic:  The watch was a gift from my dad, he's a real sweetiepoo $0.

Lacy Thing:  For more info consult this link $2.50

Here's another view for all the fans of the lace thing.

Any Mannequin's look is not complete without knees socks, for more info clicky-clicky 

Knee Socks:  $0

Now, I know what you're thinking, this dress still looks boring, but wait

The front of your dress may say Meh, but the side says, YEH!!  I had to remove my Mannequin's arm for this shot, she cried.  I hope you all appreciate it, I did it for you!!!  After all, it's not my fault she only has two arm settings: on and off.

If you feel like your sides need a lil more than a belt to separate them from the world, oh I've got a solution for you!

Or you can wear a something else under it, whatever, I don't care.  
Lace Leotard:  Forever 21 $12

 Here's a closer view for those like me with bad vision.

Total Cost of Look 1 leotard-less $2.50
Total Cost of Look 2 leorard-more $14.50

And there we have it ladies, take your dresses from meh to YEH!!!!

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  1. Great tips and styling! xo style, she wrote

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  6. Your blog show how much you are passionate by fashion, and I have to say it's great ! You know thing contrary to a lot of people who only pretend to !