Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet my Mannequin

Yes, I have a mannequin, and you should get one too!  It's like having your very own life-size Barbie, and not the kid kind either!  I purchased my new friend from a local designer.  You should check him out! BobbyK Designs

Ooh, and what is she wearing?  Girlfren, girlfren!!

Fur Stole:  Gifted, that means free people, not the brand, I mean, $0

Shirt, or Dress if you are a hussy like my Mannequin friend here:  Jean Paul Gaultier for Target on sale (cuz that's how I roll) $12 (chains attached) 

Belt:  Aldo (also on sale, duh) $12

Bracelet:  Banana Republic (Discounted, they made me work there) $10

Another view for you bracelet fans out there

Last but certainly not least, the Knee Socks:  Stolen Gifted from Mom = $0

Here's one more for good measure, just in case you forgot what the torso looked like

So, here you are my friends, I have shown you how you can either play dress up, or dress yourself up for the low, low price of just $34, whoa, that's cheap!

Disclaimer:   My friend here is not wearing shoes, because we do not share the same shoe size, ya can't have it all.

Disclaimer Again: She does not have a purse because she does not need one. She does not have a wallet, car keys, or lipstick, because she does not have a job, rich father/husband, a car, lips, or even a head!  I didn't want to style a purse with her outfit because it reminds her of all the bad things in life.  Don't judge. 



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  1. giving her a head would just be creepy! Have you seen the movie Mannequin? It reminds me of it the movie b/c the mannequin comes to life at night in the department's funny and not creepy but if your mannequin had a head it would be creepy creepy!