Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Talk with your Hands

If you are a priss, you know that you don't leave out any opportunities to glitterize, or blingify your look.  Think of a boring ole' hand.   

Ew, yuck! 

Now, feast your eyes upon not-so-boring hands and learn how to use them as glittering tools of femininity (you probably already know how, but work with me here, people)!

Going Green (Because More is More)

From left: 

1) came with a bottle of Hard Candy Nail Polish so I count that as free, I was already buying the polish = score! $0

2) Wal-Mart, this little baby was a Banana Republic knock-off, hard.  Once upon a time, BR sold theirs for $50, but I bought mine from Wally World for $10 = go me!

3) Gifted, from a lovely old Boss who I miss dearly.  I mean, give a girl a ring and you will be her fav boss forever! (Note. he would still be my fav ever, even w/o the ring, yes Michael from AbFab, I am referring to you) $0

4) This one was trying to hide from the shot, but it's no biggie, you get the point, plain jane, stolen borrowed from mom $0

From Top:   

1) Calzatura Purchased in a set with two others, so we'll say $4

2) Gifted, it actually has my name on it, you will know this, if you can read.  My sister bought this for me when I was 5, she really knows the way to get me on her good side, and early too, smart woman $0

3) Sonny's Beauty Supply $1 holla!

4) Gifted from sis, man i like her $0

5) Came in a set so long ago I don't even remember, so we shall say $1

6) Banana Republic $12 this one used to have two more do-dads on it, but they fell off. 

Total Cost $28

1) Flea Market: Ring that was once upon a time, a spoon $5

2) Claire's:  From the boy's section, imagine that! $5

3) Wal-Mart: $10

4) Target: $10

Total Cost: $30

This little ditty actually came off of a Vera Wang Princess Perfume Bottle, plus, it was gifted! $0

Does this really need explanation?  Goodwill $4 Because when some creepy guy asks you what your name is, you can say "Bob," and simply flash the bracelet. 


Both were stolen gifted from mom = $0
Moral of the story:  Do you have a mom?  If so, go through her stuff!  Trust me, she has been gathering goodies for longer than you've been alive!

Watch:  Simply Fashion $10 Let's band together (get it) and not let the watch die!  So, we have cell phones, it's an accessory!  Save the watches!

From left

1) Forever 21: $5

2) Forever 21: $5

 3) Forever 21: $5 Do we notice a pattern?

Total Cost: $15

Welcome to my arm party, sit down, stay a while.
From Left:

1) Pictured above $0

2) Part of a set, so long ago, blah blah $1

3) Pictured above $1

4) Pictured above $1

5) See #2 $1

6) Watch (read the caption about watches again!) Gifted from Mom, she is so nice $0

7) Gifted from my good friend The Active Wife $0

8) Watch (see #6) Goodwill Babies! $6

Total Cost $10

Watch Power! Because why have one when you could have two?

oth watches pictured above $6

Lace Thingy: Payless - This is actually some sort of sock/blister preventer, but I thought it would make a dandy bracelet $2.50

Total Cost $8.50

Flea Market Find $5 = Winning

Sally Hansen Nail Decal in "Skinny Jeans" on sale $5 from Wal-Mart

This concludes today's session of "Fancy Hands."  Until then, I hope you are snapping your fingers and pointing a lot, so that everyone can be blessed with the beauty of your very own fancy hands.  

Note:  I did not spend all day re-doing my nails.  These pictures were taken from my Twitter





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