Friday, October 7, 2011

Miss Priss does Home Decor

on the cheap!!!!  Would you expect any less, come on, really?!

    Miss Priss comes from a family of creative characters, it's true, honest!  One of my lovely cousins can pretty much make anything (I'm jealous, tear).  Years ago, in a world far, far away (not really, it was the same world as this one, this is not an episode of Star Wars, duh), he made a magnificent table, I mean it was the best table I have ever seen!  He made it out of two old windows, and the legs were once fence-posts (can we say "go green!").  It had hinges, so you could open and close the top, and since it was made out of windows, it was a pretty fab see-through box.  You could house your most prized possessions  for all to see, diamonds, rubies, sales receipts.  This same sweet cousin made a similar table for me.  He is way up there on my list of favorite people!  And now, I bring to you, MY TABLE... 

 I know, right!!! This one is also made out of two windows, so each panel is clear glass.

 And now, FOR YOUR FEATURE PRESENTATION (oh yah, that was just a preview, stay with me!), I will show you how to decorate the table of your dreams on the cheap, cuz I'm not made of money, hunny.

Sassy little walking picture:  I was given the frame, and cut the picture out of a magazine.  For more info about how this came about clicky click.  The bow fell off of my dog's bath-robe.  If you want to hear about that story, you should message me, because I'm sure not everyone cares.  Can I get an "Amen!?" 

Total Cost: Hand me down frame, re-used magazine, bow from my dog's bath robe = $0 WAHOO 

Pretty Lady Picture:  Cut out of a magazine, frame from the dolla store!!! 
Total Cost:  $1 holla! 

"What a Pig!!!" Piggy Bank: Old Navy, look near the registers, that's where they keep all the cheap stuff goodies. 

Total Cost:  $2 

Vintage Sunbather:  And isn't she just lovely, purchased from Jill's Shabby Chic 

Total Cost:  $1, am I on a roll, or what!? 

Perfume:  I scored this little baby from a friend in her pre-yard-sale-free-section!!  In case you missed that, it was free, which = $0

Candle Duo:  Because you're a shopaholic and you never know when they might turn off your power, just kidding, not really. But, hey, keep shopping with me and you won't even need candles anymore, I mean, yes you do, they're decorations!!  These came from a moving-sale's free section, I love me some free!  

Vintage hat, need I say more?!  $12 from Loop De Loop  

Another view for all you hat lovers out there, put your hands up and wave em around like you just don't care!!!  Do it!!! No one will see you!!! 

This Little Ditty:  

Tray purchased at Jill's Shabby Chic from the $1 buggy, I wish every store had a $1 buggy!!! 

Dead Flowers:  They were once alive, my very nice boyfriend gave them to me (insert "awe" here), and I just loved them so much, that I could not let go.  Now they live on, as home decor. = FREE 

The bullets, oh the bullets!!!  These are my fav.   I am not a hunter, gangster, or police officer, however, I have a cousin.  Told ya, I have a cool family!  If you marry one of my relatives, we can be related!!!  Think about it!!
I decided a while ago that I want to do a DIY project that involves these bullet ugh, shells, casings, um, whatever they're called, and one of my cousins happens to have lots of guns and shoots them regularly, so I inherited these little beauties.  Until I have time to do the DIY, the bullets will live here, on my lovely table. = FREE!!! 
Are you a hunter, a gangster, a police officer?  Do you know someone who is??  Ask them for your bullet thingys, you won't be sorry.
otal Cost:  $1 = Winning, my friends

Vintage Phone:  Purchased from Jill's Shabby Chic $5
Because we need to be reminded of what phones used to look like.  It's history.  Embrace it!!!

And last but certainly not least, a night-light:  Because you never know when someone might be afraid of the dark!!  Pier 1 Imports $5 on sale!!!

Total Total Cost: $26

And there we have it, folks, that's all for today.  If you think I'm too dorky and would rather just look at the picture I post, you can follow me on tumblr. ;) 


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  3. haha, I love hearing your stories! Keep em coming!